Online Banking Preview

Online@Heritage is the complete online banking solution. You won't have to install, download, maintain or upgrade any software. It's easy to use and takes full advantage of the on-line security built into today's most popular web browsers-Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. When you bank with Online@Heritage, you’ll enjoy the convenience of real time banking. That means you can monitor your bank account activity up to the minute, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week! With Online@Heritage, your account information is always safe and up to date!

Q: What kinds of accounts will I be able to access online?
A: You can access your checking, savings, CD’s and loans.

Q: I have a recommended browser with 128-bit encryption. What else can I do for added security?
A: It’s a good idea to never leave your computer unattended while logged onto Internet banking. Make sure you close your browser before leaving your computer. Also, don’t choose obvious items, such as birthdays, phone numbers and names for your password.

Online Banking Preview

Discover the ease of use with Online@Heritage. Viewing your account balances anytime of the day or night is just a click of the button away. On the go? You have complete mobility with Online@Heritage. Use any Internet-enabled computer and a secure web browser to access your Heritage Bank accounts. You’ll enjoy the convenience of doing your banking anytime you want, from anywhere you want!

Q: Do I need to own a computer to use Internet banking?
A: No. You can access your accounts from any Internet enabled computer with the recommended browser and your password. This gives you access to your accounts at school, friends homes, public libraries and even overseas.

Online Banking Preview

You’ll be able to always keep track of your account activity by viewing current or previous day transactions. Simply select the account you wish to view and presto! Your account activity will be displayed for you online. Best of all, you can download your account information into personal financial management software such as Quicken™ and Microsoft Money™.

Q: How will I download my account information into Quicken™ or Microsoft Money™?
A: Easy! All you have to do is go to the "Transactions Menu" and then click the "Export" button to download account information into your financial management software.

Online Banking Preview

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